Podcast App Playback Speeds

Marco Arment on the decision of how to label playback speeds on his new podcast client (emphasis mine).

If you use the old, inaccurate labels, people accustomed to the old labels will see your speeds as equivalent. You can even offer a “3x” label, representing 2x playback, since Apple’s old scheme topped out at a “2x” label for 1.5x playback.

But this tricks customers and reviewers into thinking you’re offering something you’re really not, and thinking any competitors with speed-accurate labels are inferior.

If you use speed-accurate labels, you’ll look worse in direct comparisons. Customers will request that you add speeds from inaccurately-labeled apps (e.g. “3x”) that you already support. This will haunt you in reviews and feature comparisons forever. But you’ll be technically correct.

Overcast will use speed-accurate labels. I’ll take the heat in reviews.

The simplest way of making tough decisions is going the route of trying to do the right thing and taking responsibility for it. It may not be the easy path, but doing so consistently, ultimately takes a lot of load out of the decision making process. It also pays out in the long run.

Similarly to telling the truth versus lying.