Five Years in the App Store

So here I am. Five years from when I first launched in the App Store. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be able to do what I do. To call writing apps full time my “job” is a dream. For years prior, I had looked at the indie developer as a mythical creature: something you could read about, but out of reach for most people.

For a wannabe indie developer, there are several role models and smart people to follow,  admire, and learn from out there. People who have built great businesses, amazing apps and who have had plenty of success and recognition. 

Many of those stories may trigger the feeling that those people had something special about them that made such success possible. Maybe it's their reputation, following base, comfortable financial situations, or whatever strategic advantage an external observer might wrongly credit all of one's success to. 

David Smith leaves room for no such fallacies for those looking into his own success.

I think the single most significant attribute of my approach to the App Store that has allowed me to do this full time for so long is the number of failures I have. I have shipped somewhere around 80 unique app concepts over the last five years. With the exception of games, I’ve tried almost everything I can think of. With each attempt (in success or failure) I learned something new about what makes an app great.