First things first

Writing the first post for a blog is weird.  

I always thought it wasn't great to start with a meta post - i.e. blogging about blogging - so I was never really confortable with writing an introductory post. On the other hand, I have had the domain up for a while now, and I've been taking notes on some things I'd like to write about. But, I've always felt weird about just dropping some random post here and eventually realized this was putting a lot of strain on what that first post should be. That is why I am going with the meta option.

On this blog I will write about stuff I care for, mostly related to my personal projects and hobbies, i.e. "My own things". The idea for this website's name came from an old piece by Marco Arment.

Don’t try to shove yourself into a particular bucket when it’s a crappy fit. If you don’t want to be a blog, don’t wedge your identity onto Wordpress. If you can program and design, don’t work as a “Software Engineer II” at a big company. Free yourself from other people’s perceived presets.

Do your own thing. It’s great.

I will just end with that, since it is certainly better and way more inspiring than anything I could add to this first post. Hopefully, getting this one out of the way will allow more to come.