Launching Marklit

It is been about a week now since I launched Marklit , so this is not really a launch post. In fact, I submitted its first update today with a few minor UI tweaks to the search page.

Launching this app has been to a large extent a "scratch my own itch" kind of endeavor. I am constantly listening to podcasts and reading, and very often something will come up that will trigger the desire to do a web search. However, I normally don't want to pause the show I am listening to or stop reading immediately to research something. Ultimately, this usually led me to open a tab, enter a query and leave it there so I could attend to it whenever it was convenient. Generally this behavior would leave me with a lot of open tabs with searches that I had started but did not finish. Sometimes I would even open a few results that seemed relevant and that would leave me with an even greater number of open tabs. Saving the relevant results to Instapaper didn't really help, since by the time they were stored in my queue, I'd lose context of which search each result belonged to. Clearly, this workflow could be improved. 

Enters Marklit

 Marklit is an app that allows for quickly saving search queries to a queue, viewing  the results for those queries later and saving relevant results to a "Leads" section, which is associated with the query. Basically it attempts to bring time-shifting properties to the content discovery (through search) experience 

As of today, Marklit is available in the iOS App Store with an iPhone only version. I have plans to add iPad support in the near future, where the experience of browsing and saving relevant search results will be more complete than the iPhone can provide. There are many cool features I will launch in updates as the product matures.

Hopefully, Marklit will scratch itches other than my own for a long time.