Overcast: coming soon

Marco Arment  on his next app, a podcast client.

The “now playing” screen is the biggest design challenge by far. Everything’s in conflict: as many common controls as possible should be easily accessible, but you also don’t want too much clutter, and the touch targets shouldn’t be so close that people often hit the wrong controls. If you don’t display the square artwork at full width, it doesn’t look very good, but if you do, you lose the majority of the screen’s vertical space (especially if you care about fitting on the smaller pre-iPhone-5 screens).

What I miss the most about  Build and Analyze, Marco's retired show on 5by5, is the moments he discussed the reasoning that led to his decisions on Instapaper's product design and business. I'm now not only looking forward  to using Overcast, but to listen to the ideas that will shape the app. At least up to when he sells it.