2013 Stack Overflow User Survey Results

Last year, as usual, I participated on the Stack Overflow User Survey and now the results are out.

Some of the interesting observations:

Working Remotely

As our Stack Exchange team is growing and we have more employees working remote, we added a number of questions about remote work. While only 10.6% of respondents said they are full-time remote, 63.9% of total respondents say they work remotely at least occasionally.

I am very glad to be among the 10% who answered they worked remotely full-time. It took me over a year to get to this, and I love every bit of it.

Android continues to climb while iPhone declines

Not only is the Android Phone the most popular mobile device with 63.8% of respondents saying they have one, the most popular native mobile platform supported is an Android Phone app with 39.5%. The iPhone lost more traction with developers this year with 30.7% of respondents saying they own an iPhone compared to 35.2% in 2012.

There is no such thing as The Android Phone. There are many phones which are, each of them, an Android phone. I don't find this observation nearly as meaningful as suggested.

Finally, out of the top 11 most used languages last year, Ruby ranked last, just below Node.js, with only 9.8% of respondants stating they had used it. Objective-C ranked as 9th. I would have expected Ruby to have a higher rank, at least definetelly above Objective-C and Node.js.