Can’t We All be Reasonable and Speak English?

Stack exchange recently launched Stack Overflow in Portuguese

From the blog post which explains the reasoning behind the new community:

Even if I believed that every programmer must eventually master English, it still wouldn’t make any sense to make them do it first. I believe that everyone – everyone – who can really fall in love with programming should get a chance to. So pre-filtering for the ones willing to learn a foreign freaking language before they first sit down with a code editor to see if it lights some spark in them just feels wrong. Think of the children.

There are many very solid points made in the post.

I am not a native English speaker, but my parents provided me with the opportunity to study English as a second language in a school which was probably the best available, albeit unexpensive. I worked hard to get to the level where I could write my own blog in English, and maybe even pass as a native speaker in situations where my accent won't be noticed.

From the comments on the Stack Exchange blog, many people seem to take issue with the point made in the article and with the value of having a Portuguese based community. Weirdly enough, many of them don't even express themselves in English that well, at least from the writing in their comments, which I am sure was very well thought through, as all of internet commenting always is.

I can understand how people from countries that speak English natively would see the problems with fragmenting the body of knowledge as more important than the pain felt by those who do not have access to the body of knowledge at all. But I find rather puzzling that people in a developing country such as Brazil would believe that the Brazilian community would be better off having only the English version of Stack Overflow to rely on, even when a large portion of said community can't read in English well, and most can't express themselves at all.