One year

Almost one year ago, on April 20th, I wrote on this blog for the first time. Since then, I've posted 33 times, mostly linking to posts from other authors and adding a comment. While the number of posts, both links and original content, has been less than ideal, it's pretty much on par with what I expected from my first year.

I had wanted to write online for a long time before I finally started, and while I have yet to build an audience, the experience has been satisfying in a number of ways.

First, writing online forces me to not only have my own opinion about the subjects I'm interested in, but to stand by it. This made me a more thoughtful reader overall.

Second, I've obviously been practicing my writing more. Since I chose to write in English, it doesn't hurt that I brush up on my language skills either.

Third, and more importantly, it made me want to write more. It's often said that people who think they'd love to write, are generally just enamoured with the idea of writing. The only way to know if you'll like it is to actually do it consistently and see if you enjoy it.

While my writing here has been far from consistent, it has been enjoyable. As such, I'll stick to it, write more than ever, and see where it goes.