RubyConf Brasil 2014

I'm glad to share that I will be speaking at RubyConf Brasil on August 28th in São Paulo.

RubyConf Brasil 2014 is a unique event geared towards software developers that wish to learn and upgrade their knowledges in topics such as Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Agile Practices, Javascript, NoSQL, Security, and more.

RubyConf Brazil is the largest Ruby tech conference in Latin America and it is in the same league as the most important conferences in the continent

It'll be a two day conference with two parallel tracks and many great talks. Check out the event schedule.

Here's a short description for my presentation, as seen on the conference's website.

Most mobile apps today need a server component, powering from data sync and notifications to in app purchase capabilities. While Apple is on its way to provide a nice solution via the new CloudKit framework in iOS 8, there are still plenty of reasons for iOS developers to brush up on their web development skills and implement the backend for their own apps. At the same time the sheer popularity of iOS as a platform is enough of an incentive for web developers to dive in.

Out of the many ways an API for a mobile application can be built, Rails stands out as an effective and reliable solution. Even more so, as the friction of shifting between the mindset of developing for iOS and Rails is reduced by the emergence of Swift, a modern language with many similarities to Ruby.

In this talk, I'll present a clean way of building mobile friendly JSON APIs with Rails, and how to use Swift to build client iOS applications that work with them.