A Candid Look at Unread’s First Year

Shortly after publishing my last piece, which one could say is rather optimistic regarding the future of indie development, I came across this post by Jared Sinclair

Unread for iPhone has earned a total of $32K in App Store sales. Unread for iPad has earned $10K. After subtracting 40 percent in self-employment taxes and $350/month for health care premiums (times 12 months), the actual take-home pay from the combined sales of both apps is:

$21,000, or $1,750/month

Considering the enormous amount of effort I have put into these apps over the past year, that’s a depressing figure. I try not to think about the salary I could earn if I worked for another company, with my skills and qualifications. It’s also a solid piece of evidence that shows that paid-up-front app sales are not a sustainable way to make money on the App Store.

Unread is a great app. I use it every day. Jarred's honesty and transparency are a great service to the community. It's saddening to hear the app isn't generating enough cash to compensate for the effort he put in it.

Anyway, maybe I'm just naive, but I still maintain everything I wrote in my previous post.