Apple Watch Unveiled

As most of us expected, we had a One more thing moment in today's event. The Apple Watch was announced, and it will ship in early 2015.

The Watch looks stunning. Lots of options, with two different sizes, 3 different lines and many, many straps. If it catches on, it will be a massive money maker.

I find myself wanting one. I don't think it is a no brainer like the iPhone though. When it was first announced by Steve Jobs, even though there were a number of skeptics, it was clear to me that everyone would eventually want it, or at least a smartphone of some kind that would be heavily influenced by it.

The value of the watch today might not be as clear, but I'd bet in its favor for sure. This is just the first iteration, and we're likely to see a substantial improvement in its second version.

Apple showed it doing lots of different stuff. Some might be useful, some might be pointless, but the focus today was in the experience and the possibilities, not on specific features or use cases.

I'm not sure yet what it is that draws me to it, but I do want it.